Our Origins

The Molini Moretti story began in 1922 when Aristide and Carolina Moretti rented a maize mill at Campagnola, in the province of Bergamo.
That was the beginning of the Aristide Moretti company.
Selecting the best varieties of maize flour, Aristide invented the recipe for polenta flour, still famous today the world over.
In 1939 their children, Francesco, Ernesto and Franco Moretti, followed their father into management of the family company, founding the Società Anonima Immobiliare Colognola, a full size industry where each of the three found a space for their skills and managerial abilities.
That same year, the brothers bought a wheat mill at Colognola (province of Bergamo), where they began producing flour for bread making.
in the 1950s the company was joined by the three children of the three partners who, together with their parents, continued the model of honesty, cohesion and business sense which is still the bearing pillar of the group.
Today, the Moretti group also rappresented by Cascina Italia S.p.A., production of eggs and derivative products, is a leader in the food sector.


Evolution with vacuum packing

With the historic Moretti brand – a re-interpretation with an ear of wheat and a corn cob of the traditional king on playing cards – Moretti group decided to vacuum pack polenta flour. The vacuum method is much appreciated both by large retail chains in Italy and abroad, because it guarantees a fresh product, freshly milled; at the same time it extends naturally the duration of the product, and maintains the taste and all the original nutritional values. The Moretti vacuum packed line includes six products: Bramata (gross milled), Fioretto (fine milled), Lampo (instant, cooked in a few minutes), Taragna (with buckwheat flour), Whole grain (complete with germ and fibre), and finally White Bramata (made with white maize).

The Market

In Italy the Moretti S.p.A. client portfolio includes the major large scale retail groups. Abroad, the U.S.A., Great Britain, Australia, Japan and Brasil are but a few of the spontaneous markets found in recent years which are currently being developed. In these nations, Moretti S.p.A. proposes vacuum packed flours only, to preserve product integrity, guaranteed for three years.